In a recent staff training session, we asked everyone what the #1 purpose of a session is.


What do you reckon?


Answer below, but have a think first before scrolling down.














Much like a good fiction author knows that the purpose of each chapter……..


Is to make you want read the next chapter……..


The purpose of a good session……..


Is to make you want to do another one.


There’s a lot of things tied up in that.


The session has to be effective and make you feel it’s helping you get closer to a goal, of course.


But, it has to be enjoyable.


At least on some level.


If you don’t enjoy it at all, I can guarantee you’ll never do it long enough to get the result.


I know I wouldn’t.


If you had to knit for 30 minutes everyday to be in shape……….


I would definitely not be in shape!


No question!


That’s why so many gyms and workout programmes don’t get results for most people who try it.


It would definitely work if done consistently for long enough.


But, they find them somewhere between “deathly boring” and “not much fun”.


It may never get to the point where it’s your favourite thing to do.


I know it’s not mine.


But finding a version that gives you, at the very least, a tolerable level of enjoyment, is absolutely key!


## Hint, what we do could be it  –> ##


A programme that is 80% effective that you’ll stick with…………….


Beats the 95% effective programme that you hate……….


Hands down!



Much love,


Jon ‘My youngest son is nearly out of the last knitted outfits my Nanna made before she died last year 🙁 ‘ Hall and Matt ‘Pearl something’ Nicholson




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