Imagine your mate tells you he keeps stalling his car.


He tells you his journeys are taking ages as he ends up stopping and starting so much.


You, bravely, decide to go for a drive with him to see what’s wrong.


It turns out he’s trying to drive in 5th all the time.


In 30mph zones, round bends, from standing, etc.


Crazy, heh?


But it’s something that it’s human nature to do with exercise and general life and body transformation.


To jump straight in at full speed.


Trying to do the hardest thing possible from day one.


Trying to change loads about how you eat and live.


Ramming the pedal to floor.


And then, invariably, stalling.


Stopping and having to restart at some point.


Lasting transformations are like successful driving.


Start in first and build up.


You’ll spend some time in 5th on your journey, sure.


And it’s quite exciting when that happens.


But you may have to drop to 4th or 3rd at some point.


Maybe even 2nd or 1st again.


Depends what’s happens on your journey.


Nowt wrong with that.


You can build back up to 5th when the time is right.


Just stop hammering it and stalling.


Stop stopping.
Much love,


Jon ‘Hammertime’ Hall and Matt ‘You don’t even know Kung Fu’ Nicholson


P.S. Easy middle name for me. Bit more tricky for Matt’s – 2 points if you get the reference.




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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