I sometimes see variations on the following cycling meme on social media.

“The correct number of bikes to own is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned”

Basically meaning you should always have more bikes.

Is doesn’t apply for me as I very rarely cycle, but I get it.

I do sometimes wonder if that’s the formula that people apply to some of their attempts to get in better shape.

The number of times that we need to tell ourselves “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it” is n+1.

Or the number of times we need to “try again”, “try harder” or “just do it” is n+1.

It seems obvious that we just need to do it.

And it is, of course true, that is what we need to do.

But if n approaches like that haven’t worked, then why will n+1?

Something has to change.

Einstein once specified that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

From my experience, the difference maker is often in the planning and structuring.

Not just trying to “fit it in”.

Along with everything else that we struggle to “fit in”.

But breaking down the steps and scheduling when they’ll be taken.

Which I know we can be reluctant to do.

And I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Much love,

Jon ‘Sheets > Excel’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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