It was a terrible plan, even though it worked [The Commando bin lorry]

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I mentioned in a recent(ish) blog that my oldest son had to self isolate a COVID case in his class (this was before the summer).

He and his brother spend half the week with us and half with their mum.

So we get relatively little 1:1 time.

We used that week to do a few things that we could / wouldn’t do with the others there.

Such as watch a few slightly older age rated films.

Including the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Commando.

At the start the bad guys go round killing some of Arnie’s former Marine comrades in order to be lead to Arnie himself.

As RISE member Lee Shore will happily tell you, their plans to kill the commandoes aren’t the best.

They do work, of course.

But there are significant holes in the approach.

In one the mercenaries drive down a street on a bin lorry.

Causing the former commando who’s asleep in his house to wake, think he’s got the wrong day for the bins, then quickly run outside with his rubbish.

Only to be machine gunned down.

The plan relying on him doing all of the above steps and no one else in the street doing the same.

Sure, the plan worked.

But just because a plan works, it doesn’t mean it’s a good plan.

Like many of the plans we set.

Often without actually realising it’s even a plan.

Possibly because we’ve done it so many times before that we just run that plan on auto pilot.

Eating in a way that leads to us having a body we don’t like the look and feel of.

That is lower in energy than we’d like.

That adversely affects our mood and mental health.

That, let’s face it, is a rubbish plan.

Just because it works in the short term (stops us being hungry and / or temporarily changes our state) doesn’t make it not rubbish.

The amount of effort that goes into a much better plan is often less than we tell ourselves.

Or, if it is too much, there’ll be a sufficiently better plan that take little to no more actual time and effort.

Just because a rubbish plan works in some ways, doesn’t stop it being a rubbish plan.

Much love,

Jon ‘Matrix’ Hall

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