Have you ever said that you’ve gained weight because you’ve been doing a lot of socialising?

I’m sure we all have.

Lots of parties, get together, work does, seasonal stuff, etc going on.

But what if it wasn’t the socialising that caused us to gain weight?

What if it was everything around that?

After all, people have socialised a lot and not gained weight.

Or even lost it.

That is a thing.

So is it worth considering that we could have as well?

Was the issue that we didn’t adjust the other 80% of the week enough?

Or whatever that percentage is.

Did we carry on eating maintenance calories the rest of the time so that the surpluses from socialising lead to a surplus overall?

Was the issue that we didn’t create deficit elsewhere so that the addition of socialising surpluses added up to maintenance (or, maybe, deficit)?

Was the problem not that we socialised?

But what we did (or didn’t do) outside of the socialising?

Much love,

Jon ‘Social Sec’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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