Whilst I’m a general advocate of eating more fresh, nutritious, unprocessed food……..

I’m also a big proponent of recognising that no individual meal is inherently healthy or unhealthy.

It’s the total and average of what we do over weeks and months that will affect our health.

Unless we’re eating something that is literally poisonous, a single meal will not change our health one way or the other.

I would be surprised if we went for a full health check up, had any meal we could possibly envisage, and then have the same check up again with worse results.

What often happens when we’ve considered that we’ve had an “unhealthy meal” is that we just hadn’t inappropriate one.

We had more than we needed.

There was a portion size of that meal that was an appropriate amount for someone of our size and activity levels.

And we had more than that.

And that’s fine.

We all do that.

I’ve several inappropriate meals this month.

But recognising that’s what it is means that we can just adjust elsewhere to create an appropriate week.

And it probably means that will be a little bit less inappropriate then we are when we consider that it’s been “unhealthy” and we should “write it off”.

Much love,

Jon ‘Sinus Tachycardia’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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