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I mentioned earlier this week that one of our cars was in for repairs the other day.

Repairs that cost 1% of the Citroen quote.

Between washes and repairs, you’ll be fed up of hearing about my cars by now, I’m sure.

There’s useful lessons in here though, I promise.

And, you know, writing a new blog for nearly 2,500 days in a row ain’t easy.

I dropped the car off in Bollington one day and got the bus home.

Then got the bus back the next day to fetch it.

As I was sat waiting for the return bus, I noticed something interesting.

At the building opposite there was a guy walking around with a huge pole.

It appeared there was a camera on the top and he was inspecting the drains, which were three stories high.

You can see him in the blog image.

I would assume he is paid by the business in the building or the landlord to inspect drains periodically.

A cost, of course, to those businesses.

But one that probably saves money long term.

Regular checks followed by relatively easy clearing of small blockages will cost less then periodically having to get scaffolding or a cherry picker to clear a major blockage.

And our health, fitness and energy levels are much the same.

Relatively little and often to keep on top of it.

Stopping (or massively reducing the likelihood, at least) of bigger, harder to fix problems later down the line.

We can’t stop drains needing to be sorted.

We can just control when and how severely.

And we can’t stop our health becoming a priority.

Just when and how severely.

Much love,

Jon ‘Had the bus to myself’ Hall

P.S. When you’re ready to start getting on top of those ‘blockages’ that have built up, you know where we are –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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