I’m about to give you a give you a little ‘tactic’.
Something that you can do in just 20 seconds that will hugely increase the likelihood of you doing the things you want to do to get the results you want.
And, do you know how many of you will try it?
I reckon under 10%.
Usually around 500 people a day read these blogs.
450 will think “That’s a nice idea””.
And do nothing with it.
Not even investing just twenty seconds.
Which will you be?
We’ve mentioned before that getting things out of your head can be a powerful way to change.
That things that bang around inside our brains, only semi-verbalised……..
Are processed in a different way to what we actually say.
And even more so to what we write.
Tonnes of research shows that getting things on paper causes a change in the way our brain sees them.
And, therefore, in this case, the chance of us doing them.
So, get a pen and paper.
Not notes on yours phone or a Word document.
A pen and paper.
Think of the thing you are struggling with.
And write it down, in the format…..
Doing X will Y.
Ie: “Doing a workout will make me feel better and help me lose weight and get fitter and live longer”
“Doing a plan of this week’s meals and avoiding crappy convenience food will save me money, give me more energy and help me feel better”
And so on.
Literally write it down.
And let me know what happens then.
I’m, sadly, calling under 50 responses to this.
Much love,
Jon ‘I ain’t got no time to smoke this’ Hall and Matt ‘In few g’s we’re bound to be laced in’ Nicholson
P.S. Very tricky middle names there – 20 points without googling!
P.P.S. The new members’ site and app will mean that members actually do get real points for these bad boys. And we know what points make 🙂

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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