If you watch BGT, X-Factor, etc then you’ll have heard Cow-El and co say this before.

## Little ‘Escape From Planet Earth’ reference for you there – who got it? ##
## Double aside – I was the first person to shorten Britain’s Got Talent to BGT – no joke ##
“It’s a yes / no from me!”
A common mindset that people struggle with when they first start to make changes……….
Is that they feel restricted.
That they are “saying no” to things.
Or “cutting them out.”
From our experience, the hands down most successful way to keep up change………
Is to view what you’re ‘adding in’.
What you’re “saying yes to.”
To not lament the things that aren’t on your plate / in your life so much.
But to appreciate the things that are.
There are certain foods I very rarely eat.
But I don’t feel I’ve cut them out.
I feel my plate is full of healthy, nutritious and tasty food.
And I’d have to take some of it off to make room for some also tasty, but less healthy and nutritious food.
And I’m not saying no to anything.
I’m saying “yes” to a body that I like the look and feel of.
I’m saying “yes” good energy levels, sleep and sex drive.
I’m saying “yes” to increasing the chance of a long and healthy life.
To quote Trainspotting “Say yes to life.”
Much love,
Jon “I haven’t felt like that since Michael Owen scored against Argentina in 1998′ Hall and Matt ‘As God is my witness, I will conquer this terrible affliction’ Nicholson
P.S. No one seemed to get my middle name when I put it as a Facebook status after the Wales game. 5 points if you do now 🙂
P.P.S. myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’re fed up of “saying no” and want to try a new approach.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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