Over the last couple of days I’ve talked about motivation.

In Wednesday’s blog I mentioned that we often feel more motivated having done the thing.

Because, as the blog title here suggests, motivation isn’t an ‘after emotion’.

It comes from doing.

We don’t get motivated by sitting at home, waiting to get motivated.

We got motivated by doing the thing we want to feel motivated to do and feeling the benefits they bring.

Another way to consider this is that when you’ve lost your motivation…….

Ask yourself where you last saw it.

It was probably when you were exercising and eating better.

So, next time you feel that you’re not motivated, remember three things;

1. It’s not binary. Your motivation is on a scale.

2. Don’t really need to be motivated. You can just do it.

3. Motivation is an ‘after emotion’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Ricky Martin’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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