It’s getting better trainers, but not going running [“What supplements should I take?”]

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Imagine you work in a shoe shop.

You sell running trainers amongst other things.

Your mate keeps coming in.

He’s got pretty good trainers already.

Each time he asks about getting better and better trainers to help with his running.

He wants to get faster.

You ask him about how much running he’s doing at the moment.

He’s not doing any.

Or very little.

“You’d probably benefit more from doing some more running” you might say.

Makes sense.

There’s potential advantage to be had.

But only a tiny amount compared to consistently doing the basics.

A bit like of lot of supplements.

Something people ask us about fairly regularly.

“Should I be taking a fat burner / creatine / various latest pills?”

From our experience, they’re a bit like the even more expensive trainers when you already have a pretty good pair.

They might add half a percent on (if that).

But there’s much bigger wins to be had.

If our eating isn’t great, we’re drinking regally and / or not exercising as frequently (or at the intensity) that we could……..

They’ll make next to no difference.

Not an amount that makes them worthwhile compared to other adjustments we could make.

They’re tempting because they’re so easy.

But the easier adjustments to our eating and just a bit more exercise are much more worthwhile.

Much love,

Jon ‘Forrest Gump’ Hall

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