Pretty much anytime something comes up in conversation…………


Where I’m able to add some value to what’s happening with that person………..


I’ll make a note.


Because, if that’s something one person is struggling with or unsure about………….


Then there’ll be others in the same situation not asking us.


Maybe like you?


I’ve had a few people recently, check in to see where they are with their ’20lbs challenge’.


And they were a little off the pace.


“It’s just the water I’m struggling with” they responded.


Now, water is, of course, important.


Essential really.


And we’re big proponents of getting plenty of it.




From a weight loss perspective…………..


If all else is equal…………..


It doesn’t make a difference!


Ie: If two people are in a 500 calorie a day deficit and one has loads of water and the other none, they will lose weight at the same rate.


If one has a greater deficit and less water, they will lose weight faster than the other.


Water is an important part of the overall equation, before we’re misquoted.


And it’s very rare that all else is equal in real world conditions.


The body needs water.


You generally feel better when you have enough, which makes the decisions you make around other things a little easier, usually.


And swapping a bit of alcohol, sugary soft drinks and / or sugary caffeinated drinks is a big win from a purely calorific perspective.


But a lack of water cannot be the only thing if someone’s not losing weight


Obvious when you think about it, of course.


But, hopefully, a useful reminder that there’s probably other things to look at as well, if you feel you’re not getting enough water.



Much love,


Jon ‘Stones’ Hall and Matt ‘Loo’ Nicholson


P.S. 2 points for those middle names 🙂


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