It’s not actually power [Scientia potentia est]

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“Knowledge is power”

A phrase you may have heard.

Attributed originally to Sir Francis Bacon.

In his book Meditationes Sacrae from 1597 a quick Google tells me.

It seems he didn’t quite say that (something pretty close) and the first verified usage of the phrase is from a 1668 version of the work Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.

But, who’s counting?

This isn’t a history lesson.

So, is knowledge is power?


In and of itself, it doesn’t do all that much.

Knowledge without action doesn’t get us anywhere.

It’s the action that’s key.

Knowledge allows us to take the better actions.

The ones that lead to better results and / or a higher return on investment for our efforts.

But the action is key.


I’ve seen people get in pretty good shape not really knowing all that much about nutrition and training, but by consistently doing what they do know.

And I’ve seen plenty of people who are mega knowledgeable in those areas but aren’t in the best of shape.

Knowledge isn’t power.

It’s potential power.

You know enough right now to be getting better results than you are.

We all do.

It would be quite an insult to anyone’s intelligence to suggest otherwise.

Check with us if you want to get more for your efforts, sure.

But action is key.

What’s the next action you can take that will start (or continue) to take you in the direction you want to go in?

Much love,

Jon ‘Sit vis nobiscum’ Hall

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