All the GCSE and A-Level results recently had me thinking.


Exams, of course, generally have different ‘results’.


Letters, numbers, passes and fails.


Very clear definition of what your result is.


If it’s a pass / fail there is a clear definition of what that is.


Hit a certain ‘mark’ and you’ve passed.


Don’t and you’ve failed.


Simple as that.


But who was it who set the ‘pass mark’ on a ‘diet’.


What is the definition of whether you have or haven’t eaten a certain way?


Is it if you do it 90% of the time?




If you were to get 0% over three days but then could’ve got 90% over the next 14………


Is that an average of 74.11%?


And, therefore a ‘pass’?


Or had you already ‘failed’ at Day 3?


You get the point.


You can’t ‘pass’ how you eat.


And you certain can’t ‘fail’ at it.


Unless you choose to perceive to.


If you haven’t eaten the way you’d like to for some reason………


For a meal, a day or a weekend……….


It doesn’t have to have any impact on what you eat next.


Unless you choose it does.


Your diet is just the way you eat / drink.


It’s not an exam.


You can’t fail it 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Snail’ Hall and Matt ‘Bale’Nicholson




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