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At my youngest son’s Nursery there is board in reception which has a series of photos of the kids doing various things underneath.


All have captions which read “It’s not just ABC, it’s XYZ”


One is a picture of a child having a cuddle from a member of staff and it reads “It’s not just having a cuddle, it’s forming special relationships with important people.”


Reasons for Personal Training


Another shows a child covered in paint and says “It’s not just making a mess, it’s learning to express ourselves.”


And so on.


I like it.


Reasons for Personal Training


It makes you think about the things that are done more in terms of what they bring than just the thing itself.


Like you could do;


“It’s not just lifting a barbell, it’s making sure I can keep picking up my kids and grandkids”


“It’s not just having a workout, it’s giving ourselves more energy and focus for the rest of the day”


“It’s not just exercise, it’s helping us change our bodies to something we’re happier with”


“It’s not just a diet, it’s fuelling my body with delicious and healthy meals which will maximise the chance of a long and healthy life”


And so on. All good reasons for personal training.


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The thing is rarely the thing.


Never forget what it brings you 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘The clown’ Hall and Matt ‘The monkey’ Nicholson


P.S. Two points for those middle names 🙂



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