Every know and again a member will say something that stops us in our tracks.


Something so incisive that it cuts through all the confusion, the distractions and the challenges we may face.


A perfect example the other day.


I was talking to a relatively new member.


Been coming about three months she has.


And she was talking about how surprised she had been by her change in mindset.


“All the stuff that used to be a reason not to workout. Work, the kids, being tired and stressed, not liking my body. They’re now a reason to workout.”


I’d normally expand on the blog subject now.


But I don’t think this one needs anymore.


Just re-read the above quote and we’ll leave it at that 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Unreasonable’ Hall and Matt ‘Reasons to be cheerful’ Nicholson





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Jon Hall
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