It’s worth a medium Americano but not a large Latte

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If there’s one thing that makes me sad (there are others, but let’s stick to this for now)……….

It’s when we see someone not start with us………

Or cancel their membership………

Because of “money”……….

And then we see them on Facebook spending more than that on other, arguably less important, stuff.

We get that we all have budgets to work to.

And sometimes we need to cut back in areas.

That it is a challenging time for many of us right now.

And, ultimately, who would we be to tell someone how they should and shouldn’t spend their hard earned money.

But, presumably, most people are happy to spend ‘an amount’ on their health, energy levels, fitness and body?

And if that lower investment is working for them, that’s great.

But, if it’s not……..

It’s a bit like saying that health, fitness, happiness, etc………

It’s worth a medium Americano…….

But not a large Latte.

The difference in expenditure on a daily basis is minimal.

An extra pound or so.

And, really, relatively little compared to lots of other things we happily spend on.

Stuff that most would agree to be less important than “ourselves”.

Much love,

Jon ‘Get asked if I want milk in my “Black Americano” at least 80% of the time’ Hall

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