Last week one of our Ninjas posted in our members only Facebook group about her intention to get a bit more ‘on it’ with what she’s doing.


There were numerous replies – some of encouragement, some with suggestions.


There was one comment I particularly liked.


From Jamie.


“One thing I do to maintain sessions is consistently checkin on Facebook with “1 of 5″ it’s a mindset thing for me but I make the commitment at the start of the week to complete them….”


I’d noticed that’s always how Jamie checks-in to RISE on Facebook.


Session X/Y.


But I hadn’t make the connection.


Making a public proclamation of your intentions has been shown time and again to be one of the most effective ways of maximising the chance of you fulfilling that intention.


Keep it to yourself and you may do it.


But tell people and it’s way more likely.


Whether it be a Facebook status.


Telling you partner.


Telling a workout (or healthy eating) ‘buddy’.


Setting it as a goal on our members’ site / app (check if you like the idea of systems designed to help you rather than just being told to “try harder”. Find out more meeting only a week away now).


It’s a really easy way to increase your chance of success.


Decide what it is you’re going to do.


The process, not the outcome.


Stuff like “X workouts this week”.


Or “Eat well Monday to Friday”.


“Not have alcohol on XYZ.”


“Drink ABC amount of water today”


And so on.


Not the final results.


Not “Lose Xlbs”


Commit to the process.


And the results will come with time.



Much love,




P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were songs by the band ABC 🙂




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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