I saw a post on Facey the other day that made me smile.


From one of our ninjas Jo Tierney.


“So last session before my weigh in on Monday,…….  18lb weight loss with RISE and 22lb weight loss in total ….. feeling quite chuffed with my self, 5 1/2 inches off my waist too….. 8 weeks of what I thought would be hell has turned out to be the best thing I’ve done in years”.


Jo’s just completed the Beach Body challenge and, therefore, got those 8 weeks (and, therefore, that result) for FREE too!


Between the ’20lbs’ challenge, the ‘Beach Body’ challenge and other targets for people to work towards, we have something for everyone to aim for.


Check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the idea of losing 20lbs or getting a Beach Bodfy (if you have under 20lbs to lose) for FREE.


Anyway, the bit that jumped out of Jo’s status the most was that she was expecting it to be ‘hell’.


Perfectly normal that.


In fact I’d wager the majority of people feel the same when they start.


Any many feel that way about coming back after a bit of time off.


Even though they know from their previous experiences that it wasn’t and won’t be.


## If that’s you BTW – go get booked in and get back to it. You know it’ll be ok, don’t you? ##


Because the overwhelming perception of the kind of thing we do in our society is just that……..


That’s it’s hell.


Nearly everything we read, see on Facey, get through the news, see on TV, etc……..


Portrays exercise as hard work, painful and / or boring.


Healthy eating is all about denying what you really want and using willpower and motivation to force yourself to eat and drink in a way you don’t want to.


It’s all very much about what you have to make yourself do in order to get a result you want.


So, we get why people feel like that.


It’s the message they are given the vast majority of time.


We’ve felt like that too!


Unfortunately that approach rarely works long term.


If motivation and willpower were the answer the country wouldn’t be getting fatter and sicker by the day!




What we want, ultimately, to do……..


Is to help get you to a point………


Where the lifestyle that will get you where you want to get to …….


Is something you want to do…….


And that you enjoy!


We want to get you to the point where it’s about enjoying your body and what it can do.


About gaining the satisfaction from getting it to do things it couldn’t before.


From liking how it feels and looks.


About finding a process to that that’s fun and enjoyable.


That also fits into your life.


That’s what, ultimately, we do.


While others are all about giving you more information (a lot of which you already knew) and stuff to do……..


We’re about supporting you on that journey of change.


If you’re not quite their yet, keep working on it.


It doesn’t happen overnight.


But, we’re here for you 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘HellBoy’ Hall and Matt ‘Hell in a handbasket’ Nicholson


P.S. Bonus ninja point to anyone that can explain the ‘Hell in a handbasket’ phrase as I’ve just realised I have no idea where it come from.





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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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