Those of you who read my previous article on, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” will know I’m a big fan of surrounding yourself by people that will help push and pull you in the direction that you want your life to go.  


The five people I have chosen to spend the most time with in my life are all people I know have positive effects in various aspects of it.


As a business partner, Matt and I, although we have disagreements of a certain areas definitely propel each other on in the direction that we want to go to.


My girlfriend Alex helps me keep positive and enthusiastic. Gives me sensible and useful suggestions and ideas and generally enables me to be more the person I want to be.


Matt and I have made a big effort to make Guaranteed Fitness appealing to a certain type of person that we want to work with.


If you are member of Guaranteed Fitness that is because we feel that you are someone who fits in with our vision of where we want to go.


And hopefully you find us to be people that help you to improve your lives.


Just the other day i was having a conversation with one of my 1:1 Clients (Hey Tony – how’s it going?) and he was talking about a group of friends that he hangs out with regularly and how he often feels deflated having spent time with them.


When speaking to Tony, I was reminded of a phrase that I have come across recently in one of the many books that I have been studying from.


This phrase was, “You need to lead your group or leave your group”.


If you’re in a group of people (whether that would be a work group, a family group or a friendship group) that are not enabling you to go in the direction that you want to, can I suggest that it is time that you start to lead the group into the direction that you want to go to.


You know – be the instigator of change – drag them along for the ride to the ‘promised land’.


Or, if this isn’t going to happen, maybe it’s time that you leave that group.


If that group is not good for you and staying in it, as it is, is bad for you, something needs to change.


This may mean changing or leaving partners, work or friends.


But if they are going to stop you becoming what you want to be, that is what needs to happen.


Ask yourself of the various groups that you’re part of, “Are they doing for you what you need them to do for you and if they aren’t, is it time for you to start leading them or start to leave them?”



Much love,


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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