About the time this blog comes out, my wife Alex will be being operated on in Macc hospital.


She went in on Friday morning as she wasn’t feeling “too great”.


Turns out her appendix has burst and all the other organs around it have contracted around it to protect and everything is all stuck together in one big, painful lump (what she often call me).


She’s been in a few times recently and it wasn’t diagnosed when it was ‘just’ appendicitis.


So it’s a much bigger job to get it out than it could’ve been.


If it had been found in the first 3 days, they’d have just “whipped it out”.


Now she’s had 3 days of an antibiotic drip to get it to settle a little.


And a bigger operation needed to get it out.


Longer recovery.


It’s like most things in life.


The sooner it’s dealt with, the easier it is.


If you’ve gained a stone or two, it’s easier to address that than to leave it a few years and it be 3 0r 5 stone.


If your fitness isn’t what it was, getting in back is easier now than after a few more years of ‘slowing down’.


And so on.


There’s never a good time.


Things will never conspire to make it easier.


Actually, it will only get harder.


A fraction harder every day it’s left.


So, if you’re been going in the wrong direction, let’s get going back in the direction you want TODAY.


If you’ve become a bit of a ‘fallen ninja’, then go book in for your next session or sort out your next healthy meal or food shop.


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Much love,


Jon ‘Tonsils’ Hall and Matt ‘Wisdom Teeth’ Nicholson


P.S. The Inner Rasson and the Paramand are, of course, parts of a Nun’s habits. Anyone not know this? 😉



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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