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One of the most common things we help people do when they first start with us is to see through their own excuses.


The stories they’ve been telling themselves about why they can’t eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep better, reduce stress and so on.


They are like a Egyptian that’s fallen out of his boat.


In De-Nile.


***We’re here all week***


If often only takes a little push to help them realise this.


A quick questioning of the reason can immediately take it from being impossible to, at worst, hard.


But doable.


“I can’t eat healthily as I’m away a lot with work” can very easily become “It’ll involve some planning and effort, but I can take healthy food with me”.


“I don’t have time for exercise in the morning” can change to “I won’t like getting up earlier, I’m sure, but I could fit a 6am session in”.


“I don’t have the energy for a workout after work” moves to “I don’t feel like a workout after work, but I can do it and know I’ll feel better after”.


“My colleagues force me to eat cake” becomes “I’ll probably have to have a few awkward conversations with people, but I’m sure I can get them to stop peer pressuring me”.


And so on.


It changes from a description which is out of their control to one that is within their control.


It moves out of their ‘sphere of concern’ into their ‘sphere of influence’.


When you make that mental jump it’s then just a case of ‘how do I overcome this’.


Rather than a ‘Why me?” focus.


So, take a quick look at the reasons you’re not doing what you want to (whether it be health and physique related or elsewhere) and pose that quick question.


“Is what I’m saying actually true?”.


And if not, what is a better way to describe it?



Much love,


Jon ‘In-Seine’ Hall and Matt ‘Like a Frenchman that’s fallen out of his boat’ Nicholson


P.S. That link to the briefing meeting again is myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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