I was listening to the song Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush t’other day.


I had to pop on X-Ray lyrics as I had no idea what half of the lines were.


One of the relatively few lines I could make out was the middle of the first verse.


Where she’s talking to Heathcliff.


“You had a temper like my jealousy
Too hot, too greedy”


It made me think.


When people often start with us they assume that their previous struggles with losing weight is down to some fundamental ‘character flaw’ that they have.


That they’re “too lazy”.


Or “too greedy”.


Thing is though they often just haven’t been using the right approach.


Particularity for them.


They’ve just been trying to ‘work harder’.


And end up spinning their wheels as they push the accelerator but still have their breaks on.


People often struggle with their ‘hot systems’.


The more primitive parts of their brain.


The devil on the shoulder bit.


The bit that says “Go on. One won’t hurt”.


The cooler, more rational, more recently developed parts of the brain deal with the longer term, less exciting stuff.


The Angel on the shoulder stuff we know we should do and will probably regret not.


The cool system deals with thing further removed from the here and now.


In time, location and people.


To activate it, and to cool the hot system, we can purposefully think of things in the way the cool system works.


Instead of deciding “Should I eat this cake in front of me right now?”


Try thinking of it more like “Should some guy in Australia 100 years ago, who was wanting to get in shape and felt didn’t like his body and would feel miserable after eating the cake, eat the cake in front of him?”


Or, less extreme, “If I was offered this next week, what should I do?”


Those cool system will kick in.


The decision will become easier to make


Sounds daft, I know.


But try it before you knock it.


Try to not be “too hot”.


Rather than just trying not to be “too greedy”.



Much love,


Jon ‘Tickle’ Hall and Matt ‘Strong’ Nicholson


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