It is human nature to exaggerate.


In many ways and areas of our life.


One way is how much, or how little, we may do of certain things.


“I can never seem to control what I eat” people might say.


Or “Once I start, I can’t stop”


The thing is though, if you do the maths on that, that’s nowhere near true.


Get out of control with your eating for half and hour in the evening?


You’ve actually spent 98% of the day in control.


Unless you eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you actually “always stop”.


So you’re actually doing what you want to do far more than the opposite.




It is, of course, that the ‘damage’ is done in those relatively small pockets of time.


We get that.


But, perhaps, we can gain more on focusing on the wins.


And replicating aspects of them into the less good areas.


Look at where you ‘find it easy’.


What times of the day / week / month / year do you find it easier to eat / drink a certain way?


What is it about those times that makes it easier?


Can you, in any way, replicate some of that into the other times.


If you find it easy to eat well at work because there’s no crappy food there, can you make that the case at home?


Or vice versa?


If you’re ‘distracted’, can you create ‘distractions’ in those other times?


If someone else is making the decisions for you in some way, can they (or someone else) make the decisions at the other times?


You get the idea.


If looking at where the problem is hasn’t helped before.


Try looking where it isn’t 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Which dinosaur is the best at hide and seek?’ Hall and Matt ‘Doyouthinkhesawus’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall

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