Got another nice little idea from Monty, one of our ninjas, the other day.


He works in staff development so often lets us know of ideas, approaches and techniques he’s come across that he thinks we might find useful.


Do you remember when you were learning to drive?


The instructor taught you both how to drive and how to pass the test.


When s/he first explained when to look in the rear view mirror, they asked “How will your assessor know you’re looking in the mirror?”


A quick glance isn’t really noticeable.


So we were taught to make a slightly exaggerated turn of the head towards the mirror – so the assessor could notice it.


It was also a good way to teach a new habit.


Start with an exaggerated version of a habit and, research shows, you’re much more likely to continue with the core habit.


You probably don’t turn your head towards the mirror anymore.


But, hopefully, you do glance at in on a regular basis.


It’s the same with the new habits you’re wanting to create to get you to your goals.


Start with exaggerated versions and there’s a good chance you’ll continue with the core habit.



Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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