If I asked you what came in a meal deal, you’d probably say something like this:


“Sandwich, can of coke, chocolate bar and crisps”


It might include a pasta salad option, other drinks, a bit of fruit.


But that’s pretty much what we understand by ‘meal deal, though, isn’t it?




Why is that the meal that gets the deal?


Why is it even a meal?


Not saying whether it should or shouldn’t be.


Just asking why it is?


Why is breakfast this fundamentally different meal from the others.


Either a grain based meal – porridge, cereal, toasts, etc.


Or bacon and eggs.




Much of the way we eat is “just the way I’ve always done it”.


Or “what everyone else eats”


Doesn’t mean you can’t also eat that way.


You can eat however you like.


But it also doesn’t mean you have to eat that way just because everyone else does.


In a world that is, on average, getting fatter, sicker, less healthy and less happy week on week, year on year…………


Doing what everyone else does isn’t necessarily the best idea.


Eat what you want for a combination of enjoyment and it taking you and your body in the direction you want (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you haven’t yet and your body currently isn’t going in the direction you’d like).


And forget what anyone else is doing 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Sale of the f&@!ing centruy’ Hall and Matt ‘Two minutes Turkish’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle name for Matt was a Laurel and Hardy film about ‘Simple Simon’.


P.P.S. Two points for those middle names. One for the connection. Another for why they’ve been picked 🙂




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Jon Hall

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