There’s a song called Frantic by the band Metallica.


With a great line in it.


“My lifestyle determines my death style.”


Now, before I offend anyone……..


I know plenty of people get unwell and / or die for reasons completely unrelated to anything they may or may not have done.


And I know plenty of people treat their bodies badly but live long healthy lives.




All the research ever done shows that the better you look after your body……..


The less likely it is to become unwell.


And the more likely you are to live longer.


No getting away from that.


Tis a fact.


And remembering that can be a powerful motivator.


People often start with us with ‘goals’ that aren’t really their own.


They feel they should have abs, be able to run a 10k or some thing else.


But, when push comes to shove, aren’t actually that bothered by that.


It’s not that important to them.


Not important enough to drive the changes they would need to make to get that goal.


Nothing wrong with that.


“Not wanting it badly enough” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


You don’t want something, you don’t want it.




When you clarify what you do want.


What is important to you.


That makes the whole thing much easier.


Increasing the chance of living longer.


Reducing the probability of ill health.


These are things that, for many, can bring that sufficient motivation.


That can drive real change (what we do –>


That can keep them on the right path when things get harder.


And get them back on path when they’ve veered off it.



Much love,


Jon ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ Hall and Matt ‘Seek And Destroy’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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