30 years ago this morning the worst storm to hit Britain since 1703 devastated large areas of the country, killing 18 people.


The night before weatherman Michael Fish had infamously shot down rumours of the impending devastation.


“Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way.


“Well, if you’re watching, don’t worry, there isn’t.”


There’s actually two parrallels here.


Firstly, he was, technically, correct.


He was referring to questions as to whether Hurricane Floyd, which was affecting the Florida Keys at the time, would reach the UK.


Which it didn’t.


When covering the weather for that night he did say “The weather will become very windy”.


He just, perhaps, underestimated the severity.


And was, of course, just going off the information given to him.


30 years later the story is still told as gospel.


Like many misreportings are.


My Mum still doesn’t believe that Ted Heath never said “Crisis? What crisis?”


And there’s no record of Marie Antoinette ever saying “Let them eat cake”.


And people swear blind that we’ve recommend cutting out all carbs, eliminating certain food groups, etc.


So, just a quick reminder that what we recommend is a direction to move in.


More balance of carbs, protein and fats (which is less carbs for most as most have loads and loads before).


It’s less processed stuff and more fresh, natural foods.


Being more aware of portion sizes, calorie content, etc.


Nothing is banned.


Nothing is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


Nothing is ‘naughty’.


It’s just a direction to move in if you haven’t been achieving your body, fitness and health goals.




The second parallel is that, sometimes, experts can get it wrong.


30-40 years ago dietary fat was demonised by most.


Cutting it out the answer to changing your body fat levels, etc.


We know now that the body needs certain amounts of fat (natural fats, of course – not the heavily processed, crappy sort).


That it has essential functions within the body.


That, whilst too much fat isn’t great, neither is too little.


That, as mentioned before, balance is key.


A third of your energy each from carbs, protein and fat is a ‘direction to move in’.


Not a hard and fast rule.


Roughly a 2:2:1 ratio in real terms as fat is twice as energy dense as carbs and protein.




Food is supposed to be a source of enjoyment as well as fuel.


It doesn’t need to be the enemy.


But, if what you’re eating is taking you away from where you’d like to be (body, health, etc wise).


Then there are ‘directions to move in’ that you can take that will 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Kettley’ Hall and Matt ‘Taylor’ Nicholson


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