Season 5, Episode 2 of cult 90s comedy Red Dwarf.


An alien Inquisitor invades the ship and puts the four crew members on trial.


The twist is that they have to be tried by…….. Themselves!


The Inquisitor turns into a copy of each of them in turn and asks them to justify their existence.


It comes to The Cats turn.


If you’ve never seen the programme, The Cat is an ultra vain humanoid creature evolved from a car.


Inquisitor: “I have to ask you the question. Justify your existence; what contribution have you made?”


The Cat: “I have given pleasure to the world because I have such a beautiful ass.”


Inquisitor: “Well, that’s true.”


In The Cat’s own mind, that’s enough.


Lister and Kryten are, temporarily, wiped from history as they can’t sufficiently justify their existence to themselves.


I was reminded of this scene in a recent conversation with some of our ninjas.


About the progress they’d made.


Some happy to maintain where they’d got to.


Even though, on paper, there are ‘places to go’.


Others not yet satisfied with where they were up to.


Ultimately, only you can judge your position fairly.


You know your life better than anyone.


If you think, all things taken into account, that you’re happy with where you are, that’s awesome.


Carry on 🙂


Who are we, or is anyone else, to tell you you should be somewhere else?


If, everything considered, you’re not happy, then let’s do something about it.


Talk to us or use the systems on the members’ site or app if you’re already a ninja.


Maybe check this out if you’re not –>

Much love,


Jon ‘Dumb Ass. Smart Ass. Hard Ass’ Hall and Matt ‘It’s A Kick’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were, of course, Simply Red songs.


P.P.S. Harder middle names today – 2 points (without googling)!




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