As I mentioned in some of last weeks emails, it was my birthday last Tuesday.


It was a busy day between getting in my normal stuff in the day and going out in Manchester that evening.


But I did manage to make a bit of quality time in the morning for the number one love of my life for the last 18 years.


The one that’s always been there for me.


Through thick and thin.


She’s been there for me through the failure of my marriage.


The deaths of friends and family members.


She always gives back as much as I put in.


I know exactly where I stand with her.


No games or hidden agendas.


Be half hearted with her and she’s half hearted back.


Give her everything and she gives back so much more.


And she’s even provided for me.


She’s put a roof over my kids heads.


And food in their mouths.


I met her just after my 16th birthday.


And my feelings for her have only grown over the years.


I posted a picture of her on Facebook that morning.


You can see a lovely photo of her here.




I’m sure some will think that’s a bit sad.


And it is, of course, a bit of a joke.


But it is true.


That dumbbell is meant as a general representation of the exercise, nutrition and lifestyle (which much of The L.E.A.N. System is based on) that I chose to follow / do.


It’s a bit like choosing a partner.


Some like tall, some short.


Some blonde, some brunette.


Some like deep, intellectual conversations, some a bit more light hearted banter.


Some like running, some swimming, some the gym, some GTP (Group Transformation Programme) Sessions and so on.


What we do at RISE isn’t for everyone.


We make that clear right from the start.


But those that do like it, absolutely love it.


They’ve find that one true love.


You wouldn’t / shouldn’t have to ‘make do’ with a person you didn’t like.


And you don’t need to ‘make do’ with exercise, lifestyle, etc that you don’t enjoy.


The key is to find an approach that you do enjoy.


That you can fall in love with.


One that can be there for you for the rest of your life.


If you have found that ‘perfect one’, then congratulations


If not, don’t keeping going back for more with the ones that didn’t work out.


Play the field a little.


Until you find ‘the one’ for you.



Much love,


Jon ‘Dumbbell Lover’ Hall and Matt ‘Barbell Babe’ Nicholson


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