This is an actual exchange of messages with a member from the other day.

Member: “I appreciate that you’re trying to help. But could you stop making me feel bad?”

“No deal” I replied.

“You told me you wanted accountability. There is no accountability without feeling bad when you haven’t done what you said you would”.

Now, for context, I have a good relationship with this member and knew this would ‘land’ ok.

But I’ve had different variations of this conversation on messages and in person countless times over the years.

I’ll tweak the way I deliver it dependant on the person, but the central point remains.


Everyone wants it…………

Until they get it.

If we promise to do something……….

Then don’t……..

And don’t feel, at least somewhat bad about that, then there is no accountability.

If someone were to ask me for accountability (as many do)………..

Then they didn’t do what the said they would…………

And I did nothing………

I would not be doing my job.

There are countless places out there that will take people’s money and just leave them to their own devices.

Not knowing or caring if people are doing what needs to be done and getting the results that they desire.

Big box gym models are built on the assumption that most won’t go much (simple maths comparing the number of members versus the gym’s capacity).

Feeling good and bad about our actions is an essential part of life.

Avoiding that will not benefit us.

Hiding that bad feeling away will not lead to us achieving our goals more.

Less if anything.

And it’ll make those achievements less satisfying.

If the goals were unrealistic, let’s set better ones.

Let’s put better plans in place to make them happen.

If we think we’ll feel bad if we don’t do it when we could have, then that’s good.

Let’s just make sure we do it!

Much love,

Jon ‘Like the do on the Discovery Channel’ Hall

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