The other week I went to see Derren Brown at Buxton Opera House.


As did quite a few members from what I’ve seen on Facebook.


It was brilliant.


He started the performance talking about the stories we all tell ourselves.


The mental narratives that run through our head.


He said that he first realised that he was definitely gay aged 15.


And that it took him until he was 31 to come out.


And, during that time, he’d been telling himself these stories about how people would react, what it would mean to him and so on.


But, after coming out, he realised that “No one gave a shit”


And for the few that did, he “didn’t give a shit what they thought”.


All those years of worrying what people thought.


Of building it up in his head.


Of not living the life he wanted to.


But we all do the same from time to time.


Don’t do what we really want or what we really should……….


Because of how others may react.


We don’t pursue that dream.


We don’t take up that hobby.


We don’t change jobs.


We don’t do the thing that will help us lose weight and get fitter and healthier.


The thing that will make us happier.


We don’t live our lives as we really want to.


Because of how people may react.


The thing is though………


Like Derren (or ‘Magic Brown’ as my 6 year old son seems to think he’s called) found, most people don’t “give a shit”.


They’re too busy living their own lives.


And the few that do, aren’t really important.


“Those that matter won’t mind. Those that mind don’t matter”.


Live your life as you see fit.


Don’t worry about what anyone else may or may not think.


It’s your life 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘I think I’ve worked out most of the act, if anyone’s interested?’ Hall and Matt ‘Saw it on the Tuesday’ Nicholson

P.S. Matt ruined the surprise that my wife had arranged “in Buxton” by telling me he was going to see Derren Brown there. Completely accidental. He wasn’t to know. Unlike the following conversation from a few years ago:
Matt: “Your Alex has just PM’d me”
Me: “Really? Why?”
Matt: “She’s asking if I know the name of that giant inflatable course thing we saw at Leisure Industry Week”
Me: “How come?”
Matt: “She says it’s a surprise for your birt…….”
Me: “Well done mate”




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