As we’ve mentioned we were on a course in Manchester last week.


Because Facebook knows where you are, I started getting Manchester related adverts in my feed.


One of them was for the new Ultimate Performance gym in Salford.


So I had a little look.


Partly because UP are amongst the very best in our industry and do courses we may be interested on going on.


And partly because I was interested in seeing how they do their marketing.


The picture in the advert was of their Personal Trainer team stood, as a group, in front of their logo.


Needless to say, they were all in amazing shape.


If any of them weren’t fitness models I’d be surprised.


There was just one comment below.


“The only way there would be a single brain cell in this photo would be if one of them was pregnant”


Funny thing is, with these guys, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The recruitment standard at UP is very high.


They will all have a degree, a good amount of experience and numerous advanced courses under their (tiny) belts.


Having a 150 kilo deadlift and a six pack (and that’s just the ladies) doesn’t make you thick, believe it or not.




So, I had a quick nosey at the commenter’s profile.


Like you do.


She was a larger lady.


Which, of course, is cool.


Her life and body to do with as she wishes.


But imagine there was a photo of her a some similarly sized friends.


And I commented with something like “Not an ounce of willpower between you”.


I wouldn’t, as I’m sure you know.


Firstly because I know perfectly well obesity is a complex issue and willpower is about the worst way to try and solve it.


Secondly, I don’t know this lady or anything about her.


And, thirdly, and most importantly, I’m not a prick.


Well, not in that way anyway 😉




I’m not a religious man, but the bible has it bang on with “Judge not, lest yeah be judged”.


Stop having opinions about other people and you’ll start to find you’re bothered about others’ opinions of you much less.


It’s one of the reasons people get such great results with us.


They feel comfortable.


Judging of others isn’t something we’re into.


And because that’s made clear, it’s never an issue.


Attracting our kind of people means it’s not something we ever need to ‘stamp out’.


It just doesn’t happen 🙂


As always – if you like the sound of changing your life and body somewhere you feel comfortable, this link is your next port of call –>



Much love,


Jon ‘Cell Block H’all and Matt ‘Splinter Cell’ Nicholson


P.S. I was very disappointed with the unsubscribe rate on yesterday’s email. Either I’m not being offensive enough or all the sensitive snowflakes have already unsubscribed 😉

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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