People often ask “who we are, where we come from”.


No, hang on, that’s not it.


People often ask what we do down here.


I got a good one the other day.


They’d seen our stuff on Facebook and wanted to know “what differentiates you from the other options around here?”


Which is a perfectly valid question.


And one that, to be honest, I struggled to answer.


In the end, my reply was pretty much this.


“On paper, nothing. In practice, everything”


You see, we can talk about our workout sessions


About how we make it as fun as possible.


About the support systems.


The app and what it does.


The social side.


And so on.


But, the thing is……….


Every FitPro nowadays will say that.


They’ll all say their sessions are the best, their support is awesome, it’s great fun, they have brilliant socials, and epic app and so on.


But, as always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


We got 164 out for Born Survivor in May and 105 for the Christmas Do.


We have 250+ verified success stories adorning our walls (check if you like the sound of success, rather than just renting access to equipment).


Our programme has been sold out every month since January 2014 – over 40 months in a row.


Not saying what we do is perfect.




I think we do deliver what we say we do.


The results………


Not just the ‘stuff’ that goes into it.



Much love,


Jon ‘Chain’ Hall and Matt ‘Mache’ Nicholson




RISE Macclesfield –


Serious transformations. Fun times!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

When not helping people to transform their lives and bodies, Jon can usually be found either playing with his kids or taxi-ing them around. If you'd like to find out more about what we do at RISE then enter your details in the box to the right or bottom of this page or at - this is the same way every single one of the hundreds who've described this as "one of the best decisions I've ever made" took their first step.