Did you know that the average success rate of people trying to adopt a new habit is 18%?


And that only one third of cancer patients take their drugs as prescribed.


Madness, no?


Two out of every three people won’t regularly take the medicine designed to help keep them alive.


Why am I telling you this?


To help you realise how well you may be doing.


There’s a great phrase that says “If people can perceive failure, they will perceive failure.”


It’s human nature.


And part of our job is to help people realise when they are doing well.


To notice and celebrate their successes.


If you read these blogs you are already doing more than the average westerner does to improve their health and happiness.




If you do something 80% of the time (eat well, make your workouts, etc) then you are in very select company.


On a bell distribution curve, you’re probably well to the right.




It’s just easy to perceive failure when we compare ourselves to the very small number who are all the way to the right.


A great way to help you realise how well you’re doing is to concentrate on what are called ‘process goals’ instead of ‘outcomes’.


An outcome might be something like “Weigh 10 stone”.


And it’s cool to have that (or some other weight or target) to work towards.


But if we just concentrate on that, then…….


We have to fail every single day until we get there.


We wake up in the morning and say “Am I 10 stone?”


And the answer is “No” day after day.


For months on end!


Until it either gets to “Yes”.


Or, more likely, we give up to do our perceived repeated failure.


A process goal might be something like “Drink X amount of water per day”.


Or “Eat well at 90% of meals”


Or “Workout three times a week”


Sure, we’ll get a few misses along the way.


But there’s no reason we can’t active that fairly regularly (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the idea of being part of a community of like minded people doing this and getting lasting results).


And if you do it 80% of the time your are destroying most people.


Decide what ‘success’ looks like.


Define it.


And recognise it when you achieve it.


And, just remember, it’s human nature to perceive failure.
Much love,


Jon ‘Habit-at’ Hall and Matt ‘SCS’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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