My Dad and my niece came over to babysit the other day.

Thankfully, as I’m sure a professional babysitter wouldn’t have been overly happy with the wife and I rolling in it gone 4 in the morning.

The next morning I was getting ready to take the youngest to his rugby and my Dad was leaving with my niece for hers.

My youngest was expressing that he didn’t want to go to rugby.

As he sometimes does.

Which is daft as he always enjoys it when he’s there.

But my niece said something to him which my sister had said to her which really stuck.

“Whenever I want to quit something, my mum says “only quit on a good day””

As in, if you’ve had a good session and you want to stop doing it after that, then that’s fine.

You’re making quite an informed decision then.

Just don’t stop after a bad session or, even worse, before one.

And that can be applied to most things.

If you want to stop eating healthier, stop after a day of eating healthier.

Don’t stop after a day of eating rubbish.

If you want to stop exercising, stop after a good workout.

Don’t stop when you just haven’t done a workout for a little while.

You want to stop drining more water, stop after a day of drinking plenty of water.

You want to stop getting more sleep, stop when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

And so on.

Whatever it is, always get back to that bit where it’s going better.

Because it always will.

And if you want to stop then, go for it.

Much love,

Jon ‘in the name of love’ Hall

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