I was at the Hibel Road Tesco the other day.

Holler Nik and Ian 😉

Stopped for some petrol on the way out.

I wanted a drink so paid in the kiosk and purchased said drink at the same time.

The three dudes infront of me paid for their fuel and left.

Without buying anything else.

And having paid with a card.

“But…… there’s Pay At Pump” I thought.

Unless I’m missing something, they just delayed themselves by a couple of minutes.

For no reason.

And it’s not the first time I’ve seen it happen.

Paying by cash?

Or want something else?

Sure, the kiosk is the obvious destination.

But, otherwise, I don’t get it.

Habit is the only possibly explanation I can see.

Habits are a funny thing.

Initially they are often created as a perceived ‘shortcut’.

A way to get the desired outcome easily without too much thought process.


A semi-automation of regular tasks.
But the habits we form aren’t always the most suitable ones.

And sometimes they don’t change as other things around us do.

Permanent solutions to temporary problems.


And when we change them we often realise that they weren’t the best option.


Get used to prepping some healthy food on a Sunday night then not having to go to the canteen / vending machine / shop at lunchtime Monday to Friday?


Get used to batch cooking a couple of healthy teas for the whole family and then not having to swing via the takeout or corner shop on the way home?


Get used to making extra for tea and having extras for breakfast and not having to make anything in the morning?


Get used to regular exercise and, therefore, having more energy and productivity for the rest of the week?


And you realise these new habits are, at worst, the same amount of effort………


Possibly less.


Like getting used to using Pay At Pump, it’s just the changing of the habit that takes some time (as always, check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the idea of people helping you change habits rather than just shouting “again, faster” at you).



Much love,


Jon ‘Pay The Piper’ Hall and Matt ‘Pay As You Go’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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