Research says that if a company implements a pension scheme where the default position is ‘out’ and a person has to opt in……..


There is an average of about 40% uptake.


If they have exactly the same deal…….


Same costs and benefits to the employee…….


But the default is ‘in’ and someone has to opt out……..


The uptake is around 90%.


I can vouch for that.


I’ve only been ’employed’ for only three years of my life.


For the rest, I’ve been responsible for arranging and paying into any pension of my own.


And, consequently, haven’t done a great deal.


We all know that having something set up for retirement is a good idea.


We all know, deep down, that a small change to short term pleasure, convenience, etc…….


Can have huge impact in the future.


A little less money each month means we will have a much easier retirement.


Making different food choices here and there will mean, in a few months to a year or two we will have a body we like much more and will last us much longer.


But it’s human nature to be pulled more to the short term gain.


To find immediate gratification greater than more distant, but greater, pleasure.


The ‘hot’ present beating out the ‘cool’ future.


But, as with the pension set ups, we can influence the way we act.


Make the better choices a bit more automatic.


Make the choice you know you should make as easy as possible.


And the less good choices harder.


Sure, you can still get round it and make the less good choice.


But, you’re much less likely to.


Having natural, fresh food in the house and little to no crap is a huge factor.


Sure, you can ‘opt out’ by popping to the shop or the take away.


But you’re less likely to eat badly than if the cupboards and fridge were full of rubbish.


If you do your shopping online, you can still add some processed shite to the basket.


But you’re much less likely to do that than if you walk up and down the ‘rubbish aisles’ at the supermarket.


You can join a gym where only 20% of people go regularly and no one will notice or care if you’re in the 80% that doesn’t.


Or you can join somewhere where regular attendance and great results are the norm and you get dragged along with that.


Or someone will actually notice and chase you up if you’re not ( if you like the sound of that).


Make the ‘good’ choices as easy as possible.


And the ‘less good’ ones as hard as you can.


Don’t just fight against your temptations constantly.



Much love,


Jon ‘OAP’ Hall and Matt ‘ODB’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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