A quick Google has shown me that is, amazingly, two decades since American R&B artist R Kelly released the song “I believe I can fly”.


Amazing / depressing that.


But, of course, he was bang on.


Having helped people transform their lives and bodies for nearly 15 years……..


And made lots of changes myself……..


I’ve seen that one of the key necessities to success……….


Is a belief that you can do it.


Henry Ford famously said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”


But, we get that people’s belief in themselves has often been eroded over the years.


That previous struggles have created doubts in their minds.


That self limiting narratives may have developed over time.


And we know that getting that belief back isn’t just a case of slapping people on the back and saying “You can do it”.


It’s about setting incremental goals.


Losing a pound.


Increasing an exercise by X%.


Improving some health measure by Y amount.


Achieving success.


And building on that.


It’s about helping people realise and challenge these internal narratives we all have.


The stories everyone tells themselves that make sense of the world around them.


To realise that stories aren’t a bad thing – they are an essential part of the way our minds function.


But that there are, perhaps, more effective narratives for them.


Ones that will serve them better.


That everything we do is a series of choices that we, and we alone, make.


And that we can make whatever choices we want.


That we can do pretty much anything in life.


That we may decide it isn’t worth the effort.


And that’s cool.


But that we can do it.


If we believe!



Much love,


Jon ‘Flying without wings’ Hall and Matt ‘Come fly with me’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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