Everyone knows the story of Rome and Juliet I’m sure.


Even if you weren’t subjected to it at school, you know the gist.


Star crossed young lovers who end it all rather than be apart.




Would they have been as bothered if their parents were cool with the idea?


The Monatgues and the Capulets aren’t feuding.


Romeo comes home and mentions over dinner that he fancies Juliet.


Papa Monatgue says “Go for it son. She’s a lovely girl and the Capulets are a stand up family”.


I reckon it would’ve fizzled out after a little while.


Standard teen romance that burns bright, but short.


Part of the problem there was wanting something you were told you couldn’t have.


At an age where that’s particularly galling (they were 15 and 13).


But we don’t like it at any age do we?


Withdrawn freedoms.


Research shows parental interference causes average higher reported levels of love and desire for marriage than when there is parental acceptance.


And there’s plenty of other research that shows that people are less bothered by things they’ve never had.


But give them a taste and take it away and they react.


Often violently.


Most uprisings in history come not after years of oppression.


But after an amount of freedom being given then taken away.


We don’t like being told we can’t have something that we’ve had.


Like cake, biscuits, chocolate coated sugar bars, wine, etc, etc.


Trying to restrict these because someone’s told you you have to to lose weight rarely works long term.


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As we’ve mentioned before, we rebel.


The key is, over time, to lose interest somewhat.


To realise that it’s, perhaps, not all that we’ve ‘cracked it up to be’.


That it’s, perhaps, ‘not quite worth it’.


That it’s something you’ll have from time to time………..


But isn’t that big a deal.


It takes time to make such changes.


And some questioning of thought processes, habits, etc.


But, like banning teenagers from seeing each other, not having certain foods because you’ve been told not to………….


Isn’t a long term solution.



Much love,


Jon ‘Brooklyn’ Hall and Matt ‘Cruz’ Nicholson


P.S. Pretty easy middle names those – just one ninja point for getting them (and, replying, of course).


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were, of course, famous ‘Bins’ – Laden and Dusty 😉




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