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I’ve mentioned before that I help in my two eldest son’s school on a Thursday morning.


## I always then feel the need to justify this by explaining that I work a 16 hour day on Monday and get up early other days to make up for this.


I know some of our competitors like to exaggerate (or the opposite) how many hours Matt and I work. They seem proud of the fact that they do more hours, but have fewer clients and get worse results for them! ##


Anyway, I was there last Thursday helping Oli’s class with fractions.


They had a series of fractions which they had to decide which was the greater or if they were equal.


37/12 and 65/21 for example.


One of Oli’s mates showed me his answers.


And they were mostly right just with a couple not quite there.


But he’d just put the answer.


Done them in his head.


None of his ‘workings’ recorded.


Recording food for weight loss


Without his working it was impossible to figure out where he’d gone wrong.


Even when he explained it was hard to see – it sounded about right but, obviously, something had gone a bit awry.


Recording Food for Weight Loss


It’s the same with us and our attempts to eat better and lose weight.


If we’re just “doing it in our head” and we are getting results that we’re happy with, then that’s awesome.


But if we’re not happy with the results, seeing those workings is the quickest way to find out where we’ve gone wrong.


In this case our ‘workings’ are an accurate recording of what we’ve eaten.¬†Recording food for weight loss.


Jotting something down on pen and paper is a bit vague – kinda looks ok, but obviously isn’t somewhere.


Three days of accurate tracking on an app such as MyFitnessPal shows us pretty quickly where we can make some adjustments.


Sure, it’s a bit of a faff!


But only a bit.


15 minutes effort over three days.


Maybe half an hour if we’re really unfamiliar with such things and have to get our head around it.


But probably the best half hour we can spend if we’re not getting results.


The knowledge gained from it will give many, many times the benefits of one more workout.


If someone isn’t getting the results they’d like and aren’t quite sure why not (“I feel I should be losing more weight”) and are choosing a workout over learning how to track and doing it for 3 days………..


That is madness!


Not sure where you’re going wrong?


Show your workings (and share them with us if you’re still unsure).


Much love,


Jon ‘1/2 wit’ Hall and Matt ’33 1/3′ Nicholson


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