If you’re my age (36) or older, you probably remember the Sister Act films.


They’ve hardly become ‘classics’ since, so I think you had to be around at the time.


You youngsters probably haven’t even heard of Whoopi Goldberg!


The second Sister Act film was subtitled ‘Back In The Habit’.


Because, of course, nuns wear habits.


Clever, heh?


Anyway, we’ve been talking a lot about habits recently.


For those that don’t know, our way of doing things is very habit based.


The actual ‘what’ of what you need to do is fairly simple.


Most people know what they can do exercise and eating wise to get in better shape.


There’s always more advanced stuff, sure.


But you know enough.


It’s the actually doing it that’s more tricky.


The implementing it into already busy, challenging and stressful lives.


That’s where habit based approaches comes in.


Because, ultimately, if it’s not a habit……..


It won’t happen enough.


If you have to “get back in the habit” it was never a habit in the first place.


You don’t need to “get back in the habit” of brushing your teeth.


Or of watching your favourite soap or series.


You might, occasionally, miss one, sure.


But the next one happens automatically.





If something isn’t yet a habit…….


And you’d like it to be………


Then there are ‘better’ ways to form habits than most people’s approach.


We’re never ‘taught’ how to form habits at school, are we?


Which is a shame.


It wouldn’t take long and would be a useful lesson.


The main mistake people make with taking on a new habit is planning too far ahead with it.


Deciding that, as of today, they’re doing to be doing this new thing for the rest of their life.


Which sounds great.


But usually sets people up to fail.


They miss one or two times…….


And drop off it.


‘Forever’ is too big.


Most research suggests that setting a 7 day goal is, to start with, the best approach.


Do it for 7 days and there’s a good chance you’ll continue for another 7.


And so on.


And most goals are a bit too vague.


“I’ll try to do more X”.


Or “Less Y”.


Deciding on a specific trigger followed by a specific action works better.


When X happens, I will Y.


“When it is lunch time, I will have a glass of water”


“When I make an evening meal, I will make extra for breakfast”


“When I finish work, I will go for a workout”


Etc, etc, etc.


When ‘trigger’ I will ‘action.


For 7 days.


Give that bad boy a go 🙂


And, if you’re already a ninja, use the habit tracking system on the members’ site for an even better chance of success (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the idea of systems and support rather than just renting access to some equipment).

Much love,


Jon ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ Hall and Matt ‘The Colour Purple’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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