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I got a great message the other day.


From Mark, who joined us 3 months ago.


In response to a message I’d sent seeing how he was doing.


He said he was ‘getting there’.


And “slowly swoley catchy monkey”.


It was a typo.


But a great one.


For those, like me, who think all the cool new words we needed we invented by 1998, swole means “muscular or buff”.


Slow exercise progress


A young person nowadays might say to their friend “Dude – you are looking swole”.


Assuming people still say dude?


Now I know not everyone wants to be “muscular or buff”.


They might rather be ‘hench’ – “strong, fit and having well developed muscles”


Or lean, ripped, shredded, just generally fitter and healthier or whatever else.


But either way, it takes time.


Slow Exercise Progress


Sure, we all want to get there as quick as possible.




But slower progress will still get you there. Slow exercise progress is still progress.


As I mentioned the other week, it’s the direction of the step, not the size or speed that is crucial.


Just keep going and remember “slowly swoley” 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Swolesaurus’ Hall and Matt ‘Swoldier’ Nicholson


P.S. 13 days to go to the find out more meeting where you can see what we’ve got planned with that ’21 Day Summer Slimdown’. Check the briefing meeting at RISE in Macclesfield for the next step.



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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