You may know I used to be a professional wrestler.
For most of my mid 20s I did many, many thousands of miles on the UKs motorways (and A roads, country lanes and so on) being sent from show to show.
Edinburgh and back to Sheffield (where I lived) one day.
Kent and back the next.
Then away on a loop for a few days.
And so on.
I have many memories of being stuck on the M1 (and the M40, M5, M62 and so on) on the way home.
Stationary for a while.
Then it would miraculously clear.
You’d hammer it.
And come to a stand still again.
And so on.
Sometimes it was roadworks.
Often there never seemed to be a reason.
“Weight of traffic” as they call it.
Doesn’t happen quite so much nowadays does it?
Smart Motorways have cleared much of it up.
You know – variable speed limits, ability to change which lanes are used and so on.
Sometimes in can be a bit annoying.
You’re pootling along at 50, wondering why they won’t let you go faster.
But it gets you there quicker than alternating between 75 and 0 mph, doesn’t it?
Your health / fitness / weight loss journey is much the same.
People are often looking out for the quickest way to get to their goal.
The ‘best’ diet, workout plan, etc.
And they hammer it for a little while.
Only to stop at some point.
And maybe even ‘reverse’.
We know quick progress is exciting.
But smooth and steady will always get you there first.
Not slow (hell, we’re not known for the slowness of our results).
But steady and maintainable (one week to the find-out-more meeting. Check it out if you like the sound of maintainable, but still pretty speedy, results –>
If you genuinely can’t see yourself doing something for the rest of your life, then what’s the point of doing it for one month?
There is, of course, a balance there.
If you can’t see yourself doing something forever, it’s worth questioning why.
Are there self limiting beliefs, habits and / or thought processes holding you back?
But if it’s genuinely not maintainable………
Find a level that is………
And keep doing that.
Much love,
Jon ‘Variable speed limit’ Hall and Matt ‘Hard shoulder’¬†Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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