Out of all the things that we’ve seen over the years………

That make a difference to people’s long term success……..
One of the biggest difference makers is………
How people react to temporary setbacks.
You know – the ‘bad’ meal, weekend, week, etc.
Those that let that time ‘extend’…….
Who ‘write off’ the rest of the week, month, etc…….
Don’t do so great.
Those that get ‘straight back on it’……..
Obviously get to their goals somewhat quicker.
It’s like hitting a speed bump.
Happens to us all.
It can, quite easily, be just a temporary slowing of progress.
Where the pace is picked back up straight away.
Imagine your journey from the life and body you have now to the one you would like as long, straight road.
Every 50 metres there is 20 metres of speed bumps.
## 5 week days and 2 days of the weekend hear me now! ##
When those speed bumps slowed you down, would you just stop?
Or even reverse back to your starting position?
Of course not.
You’d accept them a rather annoying, but unavoidable part of your journey.
And just keep going.
Till you got there.
Treat your life like said road.
Do what you can around the speed bumps.
Slow, don’t stop.
Don’t give up.
Keep going.
And you’ll get there.
Much love,
Jon ‘Sleeping Policeman’ Hall and Matt ‘Pelican Crossing’ Nicholson
P.S. We’re on 6 days to the next find-out-more meeting. Great to see so many people booking in and not just “leaving it till September” like you get at gyms, etc. myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting for more details 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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