Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. [Best form of defence?]

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Some of you will recognise the title of the blog.

It’s the Cobra Kai motto.

From the original Karate Kid films.

And the recent Netflix Series.

After repeated requests from them, I’ve started watching it with my two older sons.

It is a little bit age inappropriate, I’ll admit.

But, they’ve been on best behaviour recently.


It’s the approach that Johnny Lawrence and his dojo adopt.

A variation of the “attack is the best form of defence” approach.

Most commonly thought of in more combat related situations.

But actually seen every day in interactions between people.

Especially online.

It can feel like people are attacking us sometimes.

Arguing against us.

Telling us they think we’re wrong.

Disagreeing with us.

“Having a go”.

But, ultimately, they’re not really attacking us.

They’re defending themselves.

Defending their beliefs.

Defending their way of doing things.

Us thinking and doing things differently can be seen as an attack they need to defend themselves against.

It’s their thing and their thing alone.

Nothing to do with us really.

How our actions and words make others feel and act is nothing to do with us.

Unless we let it be.

If we live a lesser life because we’re concerned about what others will think, no one benefits.

Far more people have unsubscribed from this blog over the years than read it on a daily basis.

Most have looked at it and decided it’s not for them.

Some feel the need to reply and tell me their less than positive thoughts about them.

That’s cool.

Nothing to do with me.

If I changed what I wrote to try and appeal to everyone, it would resonate with no one.

If I stopped doing them because most people don’t want to read them, no one would benefit.

Always remember that when it feels like someone is attacking you, they’re just defending themselves.

It’s their thing, not yours.

You being you is the only way the world benefits.

Much love,

Jon ‘ny Midnight’ Hall

P.S. I was shocked to find that the actor that plays Danny LaRusso is four years older than the actor that play Johnny Lawrence. And he was 22 in real life in the first film! And also that Danny LaRusso is now older than Mr Miyagi was in the films.

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