Imagine if kryptonite didn’t exist.


If Superman had no flaws.


And didn’t face the issues he does as Clark.


Was completely perfect in every way.


Sorted out all the bad guys in first few minutes of the film, using his superhuman powers.


Would we like him as much?


Or would we think he was a bit of a sanctimonious git who had an unfair advantage?


Same with Batman?


If he was a happy millionaire who easily beat the joker and co. with the help of his expensive equipment.


No dead parents.


No angst.




This is where most FitPros fall down.


They feel the need to paint this perfect facade of their lives.


To show people “Look at me. I am perfect. You too can be like me if you give me some money.”


When the truth is often far from that.


They may have fearsome abs, but that doesn’t mean everything in their life is spot on.


Many are struggling to get and keep business.


Not able to provide their family with the financial support they need.


Or they might be fighting with other issues related to food.


Or drink.


## Cough, me, cough ##


They’ll have the same challenges we all get at various points – illness, deaths, family issues, etc.


They’ll also sometimes find their kids so incredibly stressful they want to bang their heads against a wall.


## Cough, me, cough ##


And the general challenges of everyday life.


But they hide it all.


And, consequently, ‘normal’ people can’t associate with them.


They feel that they won’t be understood by them.


That they are, somehow different to them.


And, therefore, they keep away from them.




People often comment when they first come to RISE that it is refreshing to see so many ‘normal’ people.


Both the staff and the members.


Thing is though, everyone is normal.


Or, as normal as anyone else is.


The ‘snooty’ staff member at the local gym.


The grunting guys in the free weights area.


The lycra clad gym bunnies.


All normal people.


It’s just very rare that the environment encourages that ‘normality’ to become apparent.


The biggest difference between us and a gym?


We have created (and continue to develop and nurture) an environment where people feel comfortable.


Where they can be themselves.


Where that ‘normality’ surfaces.


And the ‘quirkiness’ 😉


That’s why we talk about our ‘kryptonite’.



Much love,


Jon ‘Loved Superman as a kid’ Hall and Matt ‘Still do’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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