You may have noticed this morning that we, as a country have decided to leave the European Union.


Not going to get remotely into any of the politics of that as it’s been done to death now and the decision has been made.


And this blog isn’t really the place for it.


Out of everything that’s happened, the one thing that’s shocked me the most is………..


That some people genuinely believe you should take your own pen to mark your vote………..


To stop the Government rubbing out their ‘Leave’ selection………


And putting a cross next to ‘Remain’.


Search for #takeyourownpen on Facebook and you’ll see whole conversations about it.


Initially I couldn’t believe that anyone could possibly believe that – what country do they think they live in?


I was thinking about it on the school run and I came to the conclusion that it was one of those things that I probably just won’t be able to ‘get’.


Our mindsets are a series of thoughts and opinions that we hold to be true that are powerful enough shape our words and actions.


Our mindsets are shaped by such a huge myriad of factors that’s it’s often impossible to trace where they began.


The mindsets, opinions and beliefs of others around us as we grew up.


Our thousands of different experiences over the years.


All shaping our current mindset.


And, therefore, directing our current actions and results.


I’ve been through such a different set of experiences that I probably could never really ‘get’ the mindset of someone who thinks the Government is running an elaborate ring of vote changing.




People often say that they don’t think we could ‘get’ their current situation.


That they don’t think we could ‘understand’ them and what they’re going through.


I don’t buy that.


Firstly, I have been fat.


For many years.


I had many of the mindsets that people struggle with.


Still have some of them from time to time.


And, probably more importantly, we’ve both worked for over a decade with hundreds and hundreds of people in every situation you could possibly imagine.


I’d like to think that we ‘get’ our clients better than most could or do.


But, it doesn’t always mean we need to agree with them.


We can see where mindsets have come from.


We can see how beliefs and opinions that hold us back have formed over years or decades.


And we know that just fighting against these and trying to find ever more ‘willpower’ never works long term.


But, we also strongly believe that these mindsets can be changed.


If people want to.


It’s not easy.


To challenge and question our thoughts regarding food, drink exercise, sleep, stress and so on.


But, we’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.


And we know it’s the only answer.


If you’re not getting the results you want, chances are that you’re just trying to ‘work harder’ at it.


Relying on every varying levels of motivation and ‘will power’.


Mindset is the answer.


If you’re struggling with where to start with that, let us know 🙂


Or, if you’re not already with us, you can find out more about what we do next Tuesday night –>



Much love,


Jon ‘My youngest asked me this morning when we’d have to leave and where we would live now, bless him’ Hall and Matt ‘Laminating my vote next time’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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