I’ve had a haircut.


For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been growing my hair most of this year.


No particular reason, just like the change things up a little here and there.


I wasn’t convinced it was suiting me, but thought I’d see it through.


But on Saturday I was flicking through the photos we took at LegoLand the other week so we could get some printed off as a thankyou to my Mum.


And I saw ‘THAT photo’.


The one that made be stop in my tracks.


It’s of me a Jamie building some Lego.


And I look really old.


Check it out here:

Jon and boy at LegoLand

So I went straight out and was shorn like a sheep.




At RISE we see a lot of people who tell us that it was finally seeing ‘THAT photo’ that spurred them to take action.


It’s the one where they look particularly over-weight and / or unhappy.


Ceri who joined us at Macclesfield at the start of this year had a similar moment with a photo she’s since used as her ‘before’ photo on Facebook.


We’re interviewing her for the podcast this afternoon.


I’m sure she’ll mention it then.


She’s had 11 friends try us out having seen the insane transformation she’s gone through from that photo to how she looks now.


If you’ve got ‘THAT photo’ and want to start transforming your life and body you can apply for a place on our January ’28 Day Body Transformation’  at www.28daybodytransformation.co.uk/apply. Places are going fast though so don’t wait till next month and have missed your chance to apply.


Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how your ability to delay gratification is one of the biggest factors in happiness levels.


Oooh errr!!!!


Much love,


Jon “Magic Moments” Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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