There have been various experiments done over the years that look at how much food in front of a person affects how much they eat, their hunger levels, energy, etc.


Ie: If there is a huge table full of food in front of you, will you eat more than if there’s just a set portion?


And, more importantly, would you feel any more or less sated in both situations?


One particularly powerful experiment, that had been repeated many times, involves two bowls of soup.


Unbeknownst to the participants, one bowl is normal and one is ‘bottomless’.


It refills from the bottom so it never ends.


Everyone is told to just eat / drink (which is it?) as much soup as they like.


The bottomless group, on average, consume more than 75% extra compared to the normal group, without realising.


And, most interestingly, there is zero difference between the two groups as to how much they enjoyed it and how full / hungry they feel after.


I’m sure you’ve already picked up the lesson there.


Look at the way you serve you food.


Portion sizes.


Just how much is ‘on the table’.


Maybe leave some in the fridge (or wherever) and go back for it if you’re genuinely still hungry (remember we’re not about going hungry – but there’s no point in eating more if you’ve had enough).


It’s an easy win 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Not a fan of soup’ Hall and Matt ‘Broccoli and Stilton’ Nicholson

The bottomless bowl of soup Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
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